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By Adam Kipnis • April 3, 2017

Telephone Town Hall Vendor

Town hall meetings are an important function to any political endeavor. Conducting these meetings through a teleconferencing service can be highly advantageous. Meet safely and conveniently with a limitless amount of constituents all while progressing through your meeting in an organized fashion. Telephone town hall meetings provide a voice to all attendees at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional onsite town hall meetings.

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Telephone Town Hall Vendor

If you’re new to telephone town hall meetings or are looking into new vendors, here are a few things to consider:


Using a service that is rich in features can make a significant difference in the way you approach and execute a town hall style meeting. Work with a vendor that offers highly experienced operators that can handle a high-volume Q&A. Other useful features to look for in a telephone town hall meeting are:

  • Pre-call registration
  • Branded greeting
  • Voting/polling options
  • Translations services.
  • Recording


Having dropped lines or poor audio quality is the last thing you want during this critical event. Take time to properly vet the reliability of your vendor; ask for referrals or testimonials before you schedule your meeting. Some vendors may even let you test the service as part of a dry run.


Pricing can vary vendor-by-vendor. Keep in mind that some services are billed on a per-minute rate, while others can be offered as a onetime flat fee. Also be sure to inquire about any federal taxes or administrative fees.


Retrieving data about your attendees can help define your message and prepare you for future town hall meetings. There are several ways to collect your callers’ information (via operator greeting, registration pages, polling, etc). Also note that certain vendors may include an additional fee for generating analytical reports.  


Infinite Conferencing has been providing town hall solutions for over 2 decades. With award winning service and highly competitive pricing, Infinite Conferencing has been the clear choice for dozens of federal, state and local government agencies. To learn more about Infinite’s comprehensive town hall solutions visit infiniteconferencing.com or call 888.203.7900 .

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