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Choosing a Conference Provider

Posted by Erica Figueiredo on Oct 20, 2016 1:38:57 PM
Choosing a reliable, high-quality, audio conferencing service provider can be a grueling task, and you could easily become overwhelmed at the amount of options you come across. To better help you cast off any unfit vendors, you’ll want to complete this easy, three-step checklist:

1. Requirements

You really want to think about what is most important to you when choosing an audio conferencing vendor. Are there certain features that you know you’ll need? Maybe you want the session recorded and transcribed. Or maybe you’re conducting a small, but private meeting and you want the assurance of an operator on the line to make sure everything is in order. These are all things that you should be considering, instead of just the right price. Infinite Conferencing can provide reservationless toll and toll free conferencing, global access, recording, playback, transcription, operator assisted calls, as well as hybrid audio. 

2. Price

So you’ve gone through the requirements phase. This is when you should start considering price. More often than not, you are getting what you pay for. The cheapest option may not always be your best option, but price is definitely a component to consider. You’ll want to set a budget for this. Figure out what your usage is going to be like, and then decide if you want to go with a flat-rate monthly option, or charged on a per-usage basis. With Infinite Conferencing, we have an extremely flexible and competitive pricing structure so we can build out a solution that best fits you. Furthermore, there are no minimums or hidden monthly fees. We'll lay it out for you as-is! 

3. Quality and Customer Service

Above all, you definitely want to consider the quality of the service that you are considering and whether or not they offer support when you need them most. Is the service reliable? Do they offer a line of support during your call to ensure quality? Will they allow you to test their services? If a call drops, are you able to get back on the line with ease? What if a server is down, can you even make a call? Infinite Conferencing is happy to say that you will never have to worry about quality or ease of use. We have a dedicated support staff that will be ready to answer all of your questions or concerns. During your call, we have a touchtone feature that allows you to connect with an operator to work out any issues you may be experiencing. For multiple years in a row, we were awarded with the Stevie Award for Customer Excellence. The Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service are open to all organizations worldwide, and recognize the achievements of sales, customer service, and call center professionals.

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