Turning Your Spokespeople into Influencers
Turning Your Spokespeople into Influencers

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Your organization’s leaders might be great communicators, but how do you turn them into influencers?

Twitter has become synonymous with influence. We have their head of global brand strategy to share tips and best practices. You’ll also get the results of The Guide to Brand Authenticity: Journalists Survey 2017 from D S Simon Media. Journalists were surveyed to find out the best and worst spokespeople as well as the least authentic spokespeople who do the most damage to your brand.

The panel includes:
  • Alex Josephson – Head of Global Brand Strategy, Twitter
  • Doug Simon – CEO, D S Simon Media & Founder of The SPOKEies™ Awards
  • Neil Foote – President, National Black Public Relations Society & CEO, Foote Communications LLC
  • Patrice Tanaka – Chief Joy Officer, Joyful Planet LLC & Former Chief Counselor at PadillaCRT